Try our basic package, the SmartFoxBits Base Pack 'Community Edition'!
You can use the components from this pack without limitations even in commercial projects, but you are not allowed to remove or hide our logo and the link to our website.

SmartFoxBits Base Pack 'Community Edition' for ActionScript 3 (Flex and Flash) Download
Version: 1.3.0b
Release date: 07/10/2014
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Installation notes

To install the SmartFoxBits Base Pack 'Community Edition' for Flash, simply unzip the components package and double click the provided .mxp file/s. The components will be then available in the Components Panel inside the Flash authoring environment. If nothing happens after double clicking you probably need to install or upgrade the Adobe Extension Manager.

To install SmartFoxBits Base Pack 'Community Edition' for Flex in Flex Builder, follow the instructions contained in the package and on the main page of the API documentation.